Our Homes Fit for Heroes program provides free apartments to wounded special operations warriors and their families. The purpose of our program is to go above and beyond what is provided by our government and treat these individuals with the respect and honor they deserve. They can certainly recover in a modest one bedroom studio with a kitchenette or a centrally located kitchen utilized by multiple families, which is typical of the military provided accommodations; however we think that they and their families deserve more comfortable accommodations for the sacrifices that they have made. They deserve to be treated with respect and allowed to recover in homes fit for heroes. By providing a comfortable home that includes a full kitchen and a full spectrum of amenities the wounded military member and their family gain a sense of normalcy to their life that is very important to the mental and physical healing of the entire family unit.

The program also fills the housing gap for those military members that opt to receive treatment that is not approved by military health insurance. If treatment is not approved by military insurance the military member is not authorized a per diem allowance which includes some funding for lodging. Therefore, the military member not only has to maintain their primary household, but also bear the burden of secondary lodging expenses while they are receiving treatment which can last for several months depending on the severity of the injuries.

We also provide housing assistance to former service members whose injuries prevented them from returning to active duty. These service members’ eye for detail, unique training and tireless motivation make them the perfect candidates to catch predators via HERO Child-Rescue Corps. These individuals search through thousands of images in search of any detail that can help identify a child predator. We help them so they may help others.


The military members we are supporting tend to consistently be at the tip of the US military sword and due to our limited resources we have decided to focus on those who most often find themselves in harm’s way. The US Special Operations warriors include but are not limited to SEALS, Green Berets, Rangers, JSOC, Night Stalkers and Delta Force. These are the folks protecting the freedoms that we so often take for granted.


Homes Fit for Heroes has formed a strategic relationship with US Special Operations Command and the Care Coalition. The SOCOM Care Coalition sources wounded warriors into our program. There is no set limit on length of stay however; the timeframe is typically outlined prior to move in. During their stay, the service members are welcome to take advantage of all the amenities our community has to offer with the expectation that the service member acts as an upstanding citizen and is respectful of the other members of our community-the very same expectation we have of all of our residents.

We have provided…

  • Almost 100-years of free fully furnished apartments & lodging to wounded servicemen, HERO interns and families caring for loved ones – 1,136 months of free apartments
  • Over 120 sleep number and Tempur-pedic beds
  • Transition Support
  • And over $1M in medical supplies, not covered by TRI Care, holiday meals, and Christmas toys.


In total we have spent approximately $1.2M to provide just over $6M in support over the past 15 years.