About Us

We believe that as Americans we have a duty to support those that fight with honor and make sacrifices to protect the freedoms that we so often take for granted.

We believe that there is no greater honor than to extend a hand to a wounded soldier and his family.

We believe that if we want the United States of America to be the greatest country in the world we too need to sacrifice; we too need to be custodians of freedom.

We established the Homes Fit for Heroes Foundation to provide our wounded Special Operations warriors with shelter from the storm allowing them to recover from their injuries with the comfort, dignity and respect they deserve.

Trustees of the Corporation:

Samuel A. Raia (Co-founder)
Lawrence C. Raia (Co-founder)
Lawrence A. Raia
Joseph S. Raia
Samuel S. Raia
Walter Embrey (EMERITUS)
John Stolz
Craig West
Rick Fogelman
Mark Fogelman
Officers of the Corporation:
Samuel A. Raia, President
Lawrence C. Raia, Treasurer
John Stolz, Secretary
Craig West, Vice President
Mark Fogelman, Vice President
Rick Fogelman, Vice President